Destination - Hawaii "Aloha Tropical Breeze"

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"Start your day in Hawaii, where the morning gently awakens you to paradise, with the sun, sea, and sky in perfect harmony." - Stacey Allen

The first light of dawn filters through the palm fronds, casting a warm, golden glow across the room. You step onto the veranda, where the tropical breeze carries the scent of saltwater and blooming hibiscus.

You sit at a table overlooking the beach, the sound of waves gently lapping the shore and beautiful Hawaiian music playing softly in the background. A warm breeze dances through the air as breakfast is being prepared.

The fragrant scent of creamy coconut french toast wafts up, mingling with the island air. You drizzle coconut-flavored syrup over the french toast, adding a touch of sweetness. You take a bite, the rich, luscious flavors melting on your tongue, each mouthful a sweet escape to the sun-drenched shores of Hawaii. The balance of flavors is perfect, with classic Spam adding a savory touch that complements the sweetness of the French toast. With its hearty and satisfying taste, this beloved Hawaiian tradition makes you feel like a true islander. 

As the morning sun climbs higher, you light the scented candle infused with pineapple and coconut. The exotic fragrance fills the room, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and escape.

Your morning feels serene, indulgent, and full of the magic of the islands. With the Aloha Tropical Breeze Box, you can bring this enchanting experience home, turning your morning into a celebration of Hawaii's vibrant spirit.  


  • French toast mix (creamy coconut) / 4oz (makes up to x12)
  • Syrup (coconut flavor) by Bacanha / 13.5 oz
  • Coffee (vanilla macadamia nut) by Kauai Coffee / 10 oz / or choose tropical iced tea (Hawaiian Sun) x 2 11.5oz cans
  • Spam (classic) / 12oz can
  • Crispy pineapple slices by California Crisps / .3oz
  • Scented candle (pineapple + coconut) by Calyan Wax Co / 8.5oz - burn time 45 hrs
  • Hawaiian lei / x1
  • Silver mini whisk

Deluxe Option: Elevate your box experience with our Deluxe Option. Featuring the carefully chosen "Island Wisdom," this selection is designed to enrich and enhance your overall experience.

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