How To Be Present in Every Moment: Savoring the Now while Hosting with Heart

Being a good hostess isn't measured by the fluffiness of your mashed potatoes or the crispness of your linen. It's in the warmth of your welcome and the space you create for memories to take root. This Thanksgiving, let's shift the focus from doing to being. Being there for the old stories, the new jokes, the helping hands in the kitchen, and the quiet moments in between.

In the gentle chaos of the day, remind yourself to pause. Please encourage your guests to do the same; to put aside their phones, to hold space for one another, and to savor each bite and story.

As the evening winds down, resist the urge to start the cleanup immediately. Linger over dessert, initiate a group game, or sit back and listen to conversations around you. These are the snapshots of life that will stick with you, the ones you'll recall with a smile months and years later.

Ultimately, being a good hostess over Thanksgiving is about crafting a day where everyone, including yourself, can feel at home. It's about living in the moment, embracing the beautiful imperfections, and recognizing that the best memories are often found in the unplanned, the spontaneous, and the sincere. Let your heart and your home be open. Let the day be defined not by the shine of the silverware but by the laughter that echoes against the walls, the hands held in thanks, and the love that fills each corner.

Here's to a celebration where the essence of your hospitality is measured not by the grandeur of the feast but by the depth of the moments shared and cherished.


Be sure to make the most of every moment.

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I love this message.

Joyce Wilkerson May 02, 2024

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