The Brunch Connection started from my passion for food, getting together with friends & family and creating lasting memories.


Ever since I was a child, my world has been filled with the fond memories of two simple joys: ice cream and pancakes.  My mom said I wanted to eat them daily if I could.

As a child, our Sunday ritual involved visiting a breathtaking restaurant by the beach after church.  The restaurant's interior was adorned with a multitude of opulent buffets, each brimming with culinary delights. Among them stood a bustling omelet station, a dedicated pancake and waffles area, and an impressive array of seafood dishes that catered to every palate. My mom & dad enjoyed the smoked salmon, my siblings would indulge in the shrimp, and I would have pancakes or a delicious belgium waffle accompanied by the refreshing indulgence of unlimited fresh-squeezed orange juice. The ambiance was just as lovely; as  guests were greeted by panoramic views of the ocean framed by glass windows. Each table was adorned with an arrangement of fresh flowers, adding to the ambiance of sophistication. The gentle strains of a piano serenaded us as we savored the experience of dining amidst tables dressed in pristine linens.  To me, this was how a morning (brunch) should always look and feel. Time there seemed to stand still.

"A beautiful moment to the day."

Me & My Brother Maurice Outside The Restaurant 

As I got older, I still enjoyed having pancakes for breakfast, and nine times out of ten, I would order them while dining out. It was just something about the way they tasted and the feeling of comfort and joy I would feel while enjoying them.  Traveling became a big part of my life and I was able to travel around the world to some of the most beautiful and amazing places.  No matter where I would go, breakfast quickly became my favorite meal of the day. Mornings were when a fresh new day would begin, and new memories would await.

A lot has changed over the years, but one thing has stayed the same, my love for mornings and having a lovely breakfast or brunch. I have the table set daily with a fresh white tablecloth and linen napkins. Even if some mornings I am only having a cup of tea, I like to use a nice cup or mug. Doing this just makes it feel indulgent.  In the embrace of my husband, breakfast transformed from a solitary pleasure to a shared passion. Our wedding, which was at the opulent Rosewoods Mansion On Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas, was an ode to our shared love for mornings and the joy of togetherness. It was an entire weekend event that ended on Sunday with brunch. 

Our Wedding Brunch (The Mansion On Turtle Creek)

Today, as we open our home to friends and family, the tradition of brunch endures. A legacy passed down from my childhood, now enriched by years of shared experiences and cherished memories. It is a celebration of life's simple pleasures, a symphony of flavors and laughter that we hold dear.  A tradition that began in innocence and continues to thrive, a testament to the enduring power of breakfast and the beauty of connection.

"Bringing friends and family together for a little bit of sunshine to start the day." Stacey



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