Book - Pancake Dad



Written by: Ken Gordon

"Pancake Dad is a delightfully illustrated read-aloud book featuring a dad whose Saturday tradition is to make pancakes with his children in order to spend time together. They use this opportunity to bond and have fun. When they are done making pancakes, they always serve Mom breakfast in bed, because she works so hard during the week. Finally, when everything is done and Mom has been served breakfast, Pancake Dad and his children sit down to eat together. Pancake Dad uses pancakes and cooking as a way to bond with his children and create positive memories.


Centered on a strong relationship between the father and his three children, the story also touches on the importance of communication, responsibilities within a family, and familial ties. The author seeks to inspire fathers to prioritize quality time with their children by presenting a model of a loving and engaged father. Too often fathers are absent, not because they are not in the house, but because they are so preoccupied with taking care of everything else.


The theme of this book, and this series, is to encourage dads to create alone time with their children so they can bond, get to know each other, and create wonderful memories together."

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