It's Your Birthday!


Complimentary Shipping

"Birthdays are like pancakes.  Best enjoyed with good company and topped with lots of love."


Indulging by having pancakes on your birthday is a delightful treat.  Each fluffy bite, adorned with sweet toppings and sprinkled with joy, becomes a celebration of your special day.  With every forkful, you savor the warmth, love, and happiness that surrounds you, creating memories to cherish for years to come.

This is a wonderful box to get each year for your birthday or gift to someone else, as what could be more enjoyable than to wake up to a box filled with all things birthday?

It's a birthday morning filled with happiness! 


  • BC gourmet signature pancake mix / makes up to 16 pancakes
  • Colorful rainbow sprinkles for filling & topping pancakes
  • Organic maple syrup with sparkles by Runamok 
  • Tea (birthday party) by Harney & Sons / or Coffee (regular-ground) by Illy
  • Sophisticated wine gummies (chardonnay) by Vinoos (included in the deluxe box only)
  • Miniature sparklers by Tops Malibu / gold
  • Metal rhinestone & gold cake topper (Happy Birthday) reusable keepsake (included in deluxe box only) 
  • Scented candle (birthday cake) by Sweet Water Decor
  • Artisan premium wooden matches in a decorative glass bottle
  • Gold mini whisk
  • A complimentary Birthday card is included with this gift box. 

Presentation: All items come in our beautiful reusable white gift box tied with white satin ribbon.  All orders are done with gifting in mind and will not include a receipt or packing slip. 

Complimentary Birthday Card: With your purchase of this gift box, you'll receive a complimentary Birthday card. The card has a message on the inside. If you would like, we can handwrite the sender's and recipient's names for you there as well. Add the item to your cart, then click "Add Order Note" located at the bottom of the cart page to specify who the card is from and who it's for or say "would like birthday card but no handwritten names".

Shipping: Standard Complimentary Shipping. If ordering more than just this item, please review the shipping policy for shipping rates.  Shipping to multiple locations?  No problem! Click here to fill out the form: Multiple Gift Order Form

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