Destination - Japan "Zen Moments"

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"In the peaceful embrace of a Japanese breakfast, find solace and rejuvenation, letting each bite and sip guide you on a tranquil journey.  Breathe in the essence of Zen!" - Stacey Allen

This box is dedicated to my brother, Robert

Breakfast in Japan with pancakes filled with azuki red bean paste and green tea embodies the art of simplicity, balance, and refined taste. This harmonious blend of flavors, textures, and visual aesthetics ensures a satisfying and peaceful start to the day.

Relax and pour yourself a cup of delicious green tea crafted by one of the top tea makers in the world. Enjoy the authentic Japanese sweet adzuki red bean paste, "anko," with its mildly sweet, slightly nutty taste and smooth texture. Spread onto pancakes, it adds a delightful contrast of flavors and a hint of indulgence. If you’re in the mood for something sweeter, drizzle matcha green tea milk jam over your pancakes or fresh fruit like strawberries.

To set a tranquil atmosphere, light the included candle to add a gentle glow to your breakfast table, creating a serene ambiance and inviting a moment of mindfulness.

This is a wonderful box for all Zen lovers out there.



  • BC Gourmet Signature Pancake Mix / makes up to 16 pancakes
  • Organic tea - green (health & well-being) by Tealeaves / loose leaf
  • Matcha green tea milk jam by Hotaru Foods
  • Authentic Japanese sweet azuki red bean paste with butter by Kuze Fuku & Sons 
  • Set of stainless steel chopsticks
  • Traditional Asian tea cup (porcelain) grey 
  • Silver mesh tea strainer 
  • Scented candle (grapefruit + flora) by Calyan Wax Co
  • Silver mini whisk


Deluxe Option: Elevate your box experience with our Deluxe Option. Featuring the carefully chosen "A Year of Zen - A 52-Week Guided Journal," this selection is designed to enrich and enhance your overall experience.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I had a zen morning

This was the perfect box and I truly enjoyed everything. Felt like I was right there.

Loved Everything!

I loved everything in this box but especially the matcha milk jam. Everything paired so well together and it was a great experience.

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